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Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss.

Brisbane Entertainment Centre, 3rd February, 1997.

Sydney Entertainment Centre, 5th and 6th of February, 1997.

Perth Burswood Dome, 9th February, 1997.

Adelaide Memorial Drive, 11th February, 1997.

Melbourne National Tennis Centre, 13th, 14th and 15th of February, 1997.


Rumour about an impending Adelaide show

More rumours re: Adelaide

Rumours and off-press abound re: Adelaide

Lock up your mothers, Adelaide...Kiss are coming

McFeast article from the Tour announcement Press conference.

Presented with Platinum discs at the Press conference.

The Press conference

More from the Press conference, Herald Sun

More from the Press conference, Sydney newspaper

More from the Press conference, The Drum Media magazine

More Press conference

Press conference report, Sydney paper

WHO magazine pre tour story, page 1.

WHO magazine pre tour story, page 2.

WHO magazine pre tour story, page3.

WHO magazine pre tour story, page 4.

Front page of Kiss promo release for the Aussie tour. (Courtesy Linda Curran)

Back page of Kiss promo release for the Aussie tour.(Courtesy Linda Curran)

The tickets....

Brisbane Gig review.

Advertisement for the Sydney show

Pre tour article from Sydney

'Star big notes himself', Sydney newspaper

Preshow article from Sydney

Sightings in Sydney

Newspaper review of a Sydney show

Perth Review, The West Australian

Kiss 'n Show On Tour, Adelaide Advertiser

Pretour article, Adelaide Advertiser

Pretour article, Db magazine

Not made for loving Kiss, Pretour, Adelaide Advertiser

Pretour article, Messenger newspaper

Arriving in Adelaide, The Adelaide Advertiser

'Kiss and play up', Adelaide Advertiser

Advertisement for the Adelaide gig

Adelaide gig review, Db Magazine

Adelaide review, RIP it up magazine

Adelaide review, Adelaide Advertiser

Noise complaints after the Adelaide show

Wrap up article for the Adelaide gig from Advertiser

Fallout from the Adelaide gig, The Advertiser

Pretour Article, Melb's Herald Sun

'How Kiss made up again', Melb's Herald Sun

The Melbourne Age entertainment guide front cover

Article from The Age's ent. guide

'So much for Fan Fair' from Melb newpaper

Meldrum on the Melbourne tour

Pic of Gene from a Melbourne show

Melbourne gig review, Herald Sun